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Studio apartment v/s One Bedroom Serviced Apartment

10 Jul 2015

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If living alone sounds like you, then living in either a studio or one bedroom serviced apartment would be your perfect match made in heaven. How would you know which suits your needs better? Read on to find out the difference!


When it comes to space, the studio apartment concept is suitable for young adults who like everything in one package. Under one roof, your bedroom, living room, and basic kitchen are combined for comfort. The bathroom is the only room separated from the rest. Compared to the studio apartment, the rooms for the one bedroom serviced apartment are separated by wall partitions.


The one bedroom serviced apartment is more spacious in comparison with the studio apartment. This means more furniture and spending involved. On the other hand, you can opt for the studio apartment if you have small luggage and prefer less cleaning activities


Studio apartment will be inexpensive compared to the one bedroom serviced apartment. Rental is one thing due to the size, utilities are another factor. Since the size of a studio apartment is more compact, less electricity is consumed. The result, you save money.

Social Gatherings

If you like to host others, a one bedroom serviced apartment will be fitting to your needs compared to a studio apartment. The kitchen is larger than the one found in the studio. Cooking would be easier and a variety of dishes could be served. Sleepovers are also possible. Granted that you are not a social butterfly, you can choose the studio apartment.


According to a forum post from, ‘argot’ shared his point of view:

Originally Posted by argot

They're okay if you're not expecting much company. There were some little things that I didn't really consider... for example, my fridge would kick on and startle me awake in the middle of the night since I was only 10 feet away from it. But it's worth it if there's a significant savings.


This is how small a studio apartment could be. Beware light sleepers! This might not be appropriate for you. Staying at a one bedroom serviced apartment can be the solution to the insomnia club. Unless, you decided to turn the fridge off for sound sleep.


How often are you at home? If you are on the go and require the basic necessities such as sleep and shower, staying at a studio apartment would be sufficient. The ones that works from home will pick the latter option.  Spending most of your time at home would make sense to have full facilities and ample of space to stretch your legs.

The Verdict

Studio or one bedroom serviced apartment? It depends on your lifestyle goals and needs. Arrange a visit to both types and you will end up falling in love with either one of the premise. Eventually, prioritizing is the key to living independently.

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