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How to promote property listings online effectively

29 Jun 2015

How to promote property listings online effectively

Have you been busy rushing around bus stops, billboards and road sides to get your property listing ads posted?

You soon know that conventional marketing is tiring and time consuming, so you switched to online marketing. However when you started posting online, your listings have been swarmed by tons of other competing listings and never get noticed. At the end you give up and return to conventional marketing which is even more challenging.

Promoting your listings on the internet is a cost effective and efficient way, but are you doing it correctly?

Let us reveal the 6 “Science & Arts” of successful online marketing strategies to make your listings stand out of the crowd.

1.Clear Title & Description

Simple enough eh? But this might be the most common mistakes real estate agents have been making.

Many buyers are lazy. Most of them will only glance through few listings and they will decide on one agent to contact. Therefore, crafting a clear title and straight to the point description is important to capture your potential buyer’s attention. The title needs to be descriptive and informative, so your potential buyers can spot your listings even from a long list. Some common key points to include in the title are property name, location, for sale/rent, free hold, property type and number of bedrooms.

Image titleA good example of clear and descriptive Title

Same thing goes to the description. Do you include enough information for buyers to judge whether this property is suitable for them? Imagine a rental listing that only includes rental price, location, and partial/fully furnish. How do buyers know what kind of furnishing is included? Is cooking allowed? Is car park included? There’s a high chance that buyers will turn to other detailed listings and enquire from there.

In a nut shell, try to include as many details as possible in your listing. Gather all the information you can from seller/owner and include them in the listing. It might increase your chances to get co-broke opportunity as well!

2.Competitor Research

Buyers are smart nowadays. With the advancement of technology, information is easily accessible with a click of a button. So if your listings are overpriced, high chance they will be ignored. You should have done enough research on major property listings website on how much the market rate is for the similar properties that you have.

Since property prices can fluctuate sometimes, it is good that you update the prices accordingly.

3.Strong & Clear Visual

Image titleA good example of clear and informative images

Property images represent how your potential buyers think about your listing. It is one of the most important factors a buyer would judge whether this property listing is worth to discover more. Include as many pictures as possible. Living room, dining room and bedrooms are usually included in the photo album. Some may even add in decorations and furniture if available.

Sometimes it may not be practical to include photos especially when the property condition is not good. So you have to be smart and creative to portray the ‘best’ side of the property to attract calls.

4.Maximum Exposure

Posting your listing on one portal alone may not be sufficient nowadays. In order to get maximum exposure, you need to publish your ads to as many places as possible. The more you post, the higher chances your potential client can see your ads. Below are some common places that can gain exposure for your listings:

There are quite a few portals in Malaysia, you will need to try few one that brings you best results.

  • Forums

Some of the famous forums in Malaysia have Property subcategories.

For example, Cari or Lowyat forum have many visitors that are looking for information and advice about property. You can start giving comments and advices along the way to build trust at the same time seek for your potential buyers.

Note: The key point to success in forum marketing is to give before you take. Spend some time and contribute to the forum before you start to approach potential buyer.

  • Facebook Groups

Doing a quick search of “Malaysia property” or “Malaysia real estate” will bring you a lot relevant Facebook groups. Join them and you can start posting your ads in the group.

Note: Don’t massively join too many groups at the same time, or else you might risk having your Facebook account getting banned!

  • Facebook Page

Some agents have some success building their own Facebook Page. By doing this you will have ultimate control on the content you wish to share and expose to your fans.

  • Writing your own blog

If you have the wealth of experience and advice to share with your buyers, you can consider to start your own blog. Giving advice through blogging sets you apart from the rest of the competition and gives you a better position. This is extremely important if you are into high end market.


Persistency is the key to success for property online marketing. Many have given up after posting only a few listings and never get calls. You have to persistently market your listings online through various channels to find out which works best for you. Other than that, you must consistently monitor your listing in terms of response and pricing in order to achieve the highest ROI for your effort and investment.

Last but not least, it is always important to put your clients’ benefit as the top priority. Mr Anthonny Hitt, a CEO leading thousands of realtor in America once said

“To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients' best interests first.                                                                                                                       When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations.”

Considering these factors together will get you great results in no time.

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