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HOMEDEC 2015 : Home Decor & Design Exhibition

07 Dec 2015

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HomeDec is an annual event by C.I.S Network Sdn Bhd aimed at cultivating a symbiotic relationship with suppliers and designers, giving them a platform to showcase their goods to a targeted audience. With 550 exhibitors and 1,600 booths, you can be assured of immense variety that would exceed your expectations. The organizers have chosen the convenient venue of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, and also made this a fun-filled event with more than RM500,000 worth of prizes up for grabs!

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Exhibition by Maxly Landscape

But, you really don’t need a pocketful of cash to walk away richer from HomeDec. The exhibition itself is a spectacle that is bound to leave the visitor inspired with ideas and designs that would contribute to your dream dwelling. If you have never been to a HomeDec exhibition, there are few if any exhibitions in Malaysia like it. An annual event, the exhibition in previous years carried themes like Urban Loft in 2012, Urban Cube 2013, and The Rooms in 2014. There seems to be a shift in the trend as previous themes catered to the younger audience, whereas the theme this year would be focusing on the needs of the elderly, with a special feature carrying the theme of “Aged Care Living & Design.”

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The designers for the three units featured in Aged Care Living & Design

The organizers have pooled together the talents of the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) and National Council of Senior Citizens Organsation Malaysia (NACSCOM) to give the exhibition-goers three distinct life-sized showrooms. Each of the rooms feature a different “level” of assistance in living, and were all setup 48 hours before the start of the exhibition.

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"Awakening" by Leong Ta Wah, Director of Design Business

The unit showcases design elements suitable for non-assisted living. At this stage, safety elements are incorporated into the design with the focus of preventing slips and falls which can be crippling for the elderly. The design is also wheelchair friendly so as to not require renovations when and if the time comes.

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"Style Without Borders" by Ooi Boon Seong & Lisa Ong, PDI Design & Associates

Room two, entitled “Style Without Borders” highlights mid-care living, and is the design of Ooi Boon Seong and Lisa Ong, both of PDI Design & Associates. The design utilizes a lot of curves especially in corners so as to prevent life-threatening calls. The design incorporates features catering to chair-bound persons such as a curved cooking worktop and a shorter wardrobe for convenient wheelchair-access.

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Calm Realisation, by Idzam Othman, Majidah Design

The third room showcases fully-assisted living elements in its design. The designs help by generally providing support and assistance by introducing really thoughtful ideas such as 1 meter height switches, more grab bars around the room, and speakers positioned at the headrest for improved hearing.

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Participant trying on the Age Simulation Suit

The elderly has a body that is weary and fatigued by age. To give everyone in the exhibition a taste of old age, the organizers have prepared a suit that simulates old age. The suit restricts joint movements, and simulates reduced co-ordination skills through leg splints and oversized shoes. Wheelchairs are also at hand to give visitors a first-hand experience of the inconvenience that the elderly have to go through on a daily basis.

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Exhibition by Feng Shui Republic

The event also has several sessions where renowned speakers are share about their area of expertise, such as Feng Shui and design. The speakers are all having their sessions on the 25th of October, so don’t miss out on receiving some free advice from experts such as Feng Shui Consultants Henry Fong, and Sandy Paw. In another session on the same day, those interested in renovation ideas for the elderly can check out the mentioned showrooms, and have all the designers on deck for questions and further ideas.

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HomeDec is running until the 1st of November, with Part 1 on exhibition from 22nd-25th October, followed by Part 2 from 29th until the 1st of November. Head over there this weekend if you have renovation works planned, as Part 1 is about “Design & Renovate”. Part 2 is themed “Furnish & Decorate”, which would be feature non-invasive methods of home design. Head over to HOMEDEC's official site for further information!

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