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Home Decor for Small Spaces

22 Dec 2015

Embrace the power of light colours

Darker colours make your room seem cosy but they have high light absorbency which makes your room feel smaller. Light colours, contrastingly, offer the illusion of a room being more airy and spacious.

Sometimes less is really more

Minimalism is the new trend. Avoid putting up too many accessories or ornaments that would make your tiny space looks more cluttered. Assemble decors minimally and please your eyes with its serenity and beauty.

Be multifunctional

To align with minimalism, try using furniture with hidden storage compartments or what is referred to as multifunctional furniture. Not only that it mitigates the issue of space, it puts unpleasant or messy looking items out of sight yet remains functional for storage purposes.

Be transparent

Sometimes large furniture could look too big for your space but what if it could look like it was not even there at all? Clear furniture such as glass or Lucite pieces are stylish yet enhances the appearance of small spaces.

Take advantage of mirrors

Mirrors are good reflectors; they reflect light and make the room feels exceptionally larger.

When colours come in unity

A uniformity of colour scheme creates a visual coherence that makes the space feel open and elegant too. Play around with your favourite colours and get different shades for the wall, sheets, rug and furniture.

Enliven your dull wall

Small spaces do not imply you should forgo all wall decorations. In fact, one with dramatic effect or simply yet artistic could be both tranquilizing and aesthetic at the same time.

Brighter rooms are larger rooms

Lighting plays a very important role in a closed area. If your room is not brightly lit, it creates an impression that it’s smaller in size. After all, bright is always better than dim.

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