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Create Event & Sell Ticket With CloudHAX

Why Sell with CloudHAX?

Create Online Event

Your event page can be created in a matter of minutes, not days! A party, meeting, conference, class or concert, you name it.

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Create Event + Sell Ticket

Our ticketing system allow you to sell ticket and manage your attendance easily. Best for concert, sports, seminar, and reservation with registration.

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Free Event Quota

Every user has 3 active event quota.
Event quota decreases by 1 for each active event published.
When running out of quota, user may still create new event, but with extra charges.
User regains quota when any published event has ended.
Sell Ticket

Attendees can make payments with universal payment gateways.
Keep track of all attendee information on one single webpage.
Get live updates on guest attendance fed directly.
Create promo codes to kick-off marketing campaigns.
CloudHAX only charges a processing fee as each ticket is sold on the platform.

Why Sell with CloudHAX?

Promote Your Event On Banner Ads

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Want your event to stand out from others? Need more audience and participants? Wait no more, promote it today through our Banner Ads, where you can selectively buy advertisement slots for Big Banner, Side Banner, and Long Banner.