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Toyota started making cars in 1933. Two years later, in 1935, they launched their first cars. Those models were G1 and A1. Since then, this company had made impressive advanced models and now it is one of the largest car companies on the planet. In fact, it is the 13th largest company in the world, by revenue. Toyota Malaysia was founded in 1982, and they are responsible for assembling, exporting and distribution. The first car, completely made by the Toyota Malaysia, was famous Land Cruiser.

During the 70s, Toyota invested severe amounts of money into the Toyota Malaysia. The factory, located in Shah Alam started assembling models, Corolla and Corona in 1968. In the 80s, Toyota opened an office in Kuala Lumpur. Due to the fact the demand for Toyota models is increasing, the company started distribution of Lexus cars. The demand is constantly growing. In 2011, Toyota Malaysia made and sold over 1 million vehicles. Today, this company distributes 14 models. Six of them are made by Toyota Malaysia. In addition, 9 Lexus models are available as well. However, these cars are imported.

Toyota Malaysia and Toyota in general, is well-known for their Kaizen ideology. The word means improvement, and it is precisely what this company is doing. The main goals are to produce vehicles that are reliable, affordable but offer high-quality. Their slogan is ‘’All about the drive’’.

Toyota car models:


  • Toyota Harrier- Toyota Harrier is an SUV vehicle that combines the luxury and off-road capabilities. It is available with a petrol engine and as a hybrid. The petrol version produces 151 HP and the hybrid version produces 197 HP. All the power can be transferred to 2 or 4 wheels, due to the fact this model is available as 2WD and all-wheel drive.
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser- Toyota FJ Cruiser is an SUV car, well-known due to interesting and original design. The car is available as 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. Both versions can be paired with 6 gear transmission. The previous model had 5 gears transmission.
  • Toyota Fortuner- Toyota Fortuner is a large SUV, with 4 wheel drive that allows it to go off road. The engine produces 144 PS and it is paired with 4 gears transmission (automatic). This car comes with a lot equipment and it is based on the latest technologies.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser- Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the best-known SUV cars on the planet. It is reliable and practical. The engine produces 235 kW, so this car is fast and powerful. Another, great feature is the all-wheel drive. This model has much better off-road capabilities than similar models on the market. It is also made by Toyota Malaysia.
  • Toyota Rush- Toyota Rush is a city SUV. This means that it isn’t designed for off-road driving. The engine produces 107 PS and it comes with a rear wheel drive. On the other side, this model has a 5 gears manual transmission. Toyota Malaysia has an important role in assembling this model.
  • Toyota Rav 4- Toyota Rav 4 is one of the most popular SUV cars on the market. It is compact, so it is great for city driving. On the other side, it has a 135 kW engine and four wheel drive, so off-road driving is more than possible. It has 3 doors and enough space for 5 adults.
  • Toyota Unser- Toyota Unser is a family SUV, simply because it has 7 seats. The 86 kW power is transferred to the rear wheels, so this car offers a comfortable ride. The transmission is 4 gears automatic and it is one of the best-known transmissions, made by Toyota.


  • Toyota Prius c- Toyota Prius c is a hybrid hatchback. It comes with 5 doors and have enough space for 5 passengers. The engine produces 101 HP which is more than needed, due to the fact this is a small and light car. Despite the fact it is a hybrid, this car isn’t very expensive. On the other side, it is very economical.
  • Toyota Prius- Toyota Prius was the first hybrid available in the market. Even today, this model is well-known for a great ride, paired with low fuel consumption. This model is introduced by Toyota Malaysia, in this country and it is one of the most popular hybrids on the market. In addition, it is very popular and a common choice in surrounding countries.


  • Toyota Altis- Toyota Altis is affordable sedan that comes with front wheel drive and petrol powered engine. The engine produces 103 kW and the power is transferred via 7 gears transmission (automatic). Although affordable, Altis has proper dimensions and quality. Inside, there is enough room for 5 people.
  • Toyota Corolla Altis- Toyota Corolla Altis comes with petrol engine, producing 144 PS. The best part of this model is its gearbox. It is 7 speed transmission, with sequential gear shifting. This is one of the latest Toyota models, so it comes with a lot of features.
  • Toyota Corona- Toyota Corona is one of the most affordable sedans on the market. It has been designed especially for people who wasn’t cheap but practical and reliable sedan. The name of this car literally means Crown. There are 10 generations of this model.
  • Toyota Vios- Toyota Vios is a practical sedan, with a 107 PS engine and front wheel drive. The transmission is automatic and it has 4 ratios, which ensure comfortable drive. It has 4 doors and enough room for 5 passengers. In addition, this model comes with a lot of equipment and the latest model was introduced in 2015.
  • Toyota Camry- Toyota Camry is a well-known sedan. The latest version, introduced in 2015, by Toyota Malaysia is a hybrid. The petrol powered engine delivers 158 PS on the front wheels. Due to the fact it has a lot of torque (213 nm) this car is fun and easy to drive.

Multi-purpose vehicles

  • Toyota Innova- Toyota Innova is a multi-purpose vehicle with 8 seats. It is perfect for big families. The engine is 4 cylinders, with the maximum power of 136 PS. The transmission is 4 gears and it is automatic. This car is well-known for great practicality.
  • Toyota Estima- Toyota Estima is another car, available to you thanks to Toyota Malaysia that is perfect for transport of 7 people. It has 125 kW and the power is transferred on the front wheels, through 7 speed, automatic transmission.
  • Toyota Alphard- Toyota Alphard was introduced in Malaysia in 2002, thanks to the Toyota Malaysia. This is a family car that offers a lot of space, it is comfortable and economical. It is known for high reliability it offers. In 2008, this model was redesigned and improved.
  • Toyota Wish- Toyota Wish offers 7 seats and high level of practicality. This model was introduced in 2012, thanks to Toyota Malaysia. It has the latest, 7 speed transmission and front wheel drive. The engine produces 105 kW, but it is very economical.
  • Toyota Avanza- Toyota Avanza offers enough room for the entire family, due to the fact it has 7 seats. The engine produces 91 PS and it is paired with 5 speed manual transmission. However, the latest version is a hybrid, so it is very economical. Despite the fact this is a big car, driving it across the city is easy, thanks to improved steering.
  • Toyota Vellfire- Toyota Vellfire isn’t an ordinary multi-purpose vehicle, due to the fact it has an interesting design and 206 kW engine, which offers more power than this model needs. It is paired with a 6 speed transmission and front wheel drive. Thanks to these features, this model is nice and fun to drive. On the other side, it is practical. It has 7 seats and 5 doors, so it is perfect for families.
  • Toyota Previa- Toyota Previa is a vehicle that you are going to see a lot of times, simply because there are a lot of them. This model is available with 7 seats, 5 doors, front wheel drive and 4 gear transmission. The engine produces 125 kW and it offers enough torque.

Pick-up trucks

Toyota Hilux- Toyota Hilux may be the best pickup truck in the world. It is extremely reliable, so even the oldest versions are still used today. The engine produces 144 PS, but it is paired with all-wheel drive, so it this vehicle can be used for off-roading and transporting goods to remote locations.


Toyota Hiace- Toyota Hiace is economical, commercial van. It has capacity for 10 people. Other features include 151 PS engine and 5 doors. This model has been used by many contractors and smaller companies, due to the fact it is reliable and offer a lot of space. In addition, it is very affordable and spare parts are cheap as well. This model was introduced in 2013, thanks to Toyota Malaysia.


Toyota 86- Toyota 86 is a very popular sports car. It has 200 PS and a rear wheel drive, so sporty and fun drive can be easily achieved. In addition, this car is a two-seater, and it comes with modern and sporty design, so it is perfect for your people.

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