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What Makes Proton Malaysia Better Than Other Car Manufacturers?

Proton Malaysia was founded in 1983, in Shah Alam, Selangor. The company started producing badged cars, originally made by Mitsubishi. This trend lasts till 2000. Since then, Proton Malaysia has advanced. Today, this company offers models in 26 different countries and they have several models, all made by this company. Besidesthe aforementioned location, this company has manufacturing facilities in TanjungMalim, Perak. They employ around 12.000 employees.

In 2013, Proton Malaysia sold 138,753 in the country and had 21% of the market share. However, the sales figures are increasing every year, thanks to affordable and modern cars. This company is best-known for affordable sedans, and small, city cars. The new slogan, "It's in the Drive!" was introduced in February 2016. At the same time, the company changed their badge. The latest version is modern and interesting. The biggest rival in the country is Perodua. However, the difference between the market shares, both companies hold are minor. In recent years, Proton Malaysia launched several models that are available on the international market. The main goal is to increase production and offer cars on different markets.

Proton car models:


  • Proton Satria Neo- Proton Satria Neo is a small car, made especially by Proton Malaysia. The latest version was introduced in 2013, so it comes with modern design and great features. The engine is 1.6L and it produces 125 kW. The transmission is automatic and it is a front wheel drive car. Inside, there is space for 5 passengers. Thanks to the 5 doors, this model is practical as well.
  • Proton Savvy- Proton Savvy is a city car, thanks to the dimensions. The engine is small as well, and it is 1.2L, producing 5 kW. The power is sent to the front wheels. On the other side, the transmission is manual and there are 5 gears, so shifting gears is pleasant and it has ratios adjusted for the city drive. Thanks to this feature, it is easy to drive it across the city. The top speed is 170 km/h.
  • Proton Gen 2- Proton Gen 2 is a bit bigger car than the models above. It is also a hatchback, but it can be used for longer distances as well. The engine in this car is 1.6L and it has 96 kW. The front wheels are responsible for movement. The transmission is standard, 4 gears automatic. This model comes with ABS, leather steering wheel and additional features. In addition, this car is comfortable and has an interesting design. The latest model was presented in 2010.
  • Proton Iriz- Proton Iriz is a hot hatchback. It has sporty design and 1.6L engine with 107 PS. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but this car is small and light, so it has a max speed of 170 km/h, which is enough if we take into account that this is a city car. Even better, this model can actually accommodate 5 adults, thanks to the design. It is practical as well, due to the fact it has 5 doors.
  • Proton Satria- Proton Satria is one of the most affordable hatchbacks, made by Proton Malaysia. It has 3 doors and space for 5 passengers. The engine is 1.3L and it produces 55 kW. The power is sent to the front wheels, via 5 speed manual transmission. The car was launched in 2005, so it isn’t the latest model, but it offers a high level of comfort and it is practical. This is the best car for young drivers.
  • Proton Suprima S- Proton Suprima S isn’t an ordinary hatchback. This model has 1.6L engine, producing 140PS, which is more than enough for small cars. It allows to this car the top speed of impressive 190 km/h.In addition, the design is oriented towards hot hatchbacks as well. On the other side this car is cheap to insure and maintain.


  • Proton Inspira- Proton Inspira has 2.0L engine that produces 115 kW and top speed of 200 km/h. At the same time, it offers smooth ride and it is economical. On the other side, this car is big, so 5 people can be transported at the same time. The transmission is automatic and shifting gears is smooth. The design of a car is modern and interesting. The build quality is also at a high level and it can be compared to more expensive cars.
  • Proton Putra- Proton Putra was introduced in 2001, so it isn’t the latest model. On the other side, it is one of the most affordable cars made by Proton Malaysia. The engine produces 103 kW and it is petrol powered. The transition is 4 gears and it is automatic. This car has two doors, so it is an affordable couple. Inaddition, the design is suitable for tuning, which means that this car is driven by younger people.
  • Proton Perdana- Proton Perdana is another affordable sedan, made by Proton Malaysia. It was introduced in 2009, so it has some features that are more than needed. The engine is economical, 2.0L petrol powered and produces 110 kW. The power is sent, through a 4 gears automatic transmission to the front wheels. Despite the fact it was made 7 years ago, this car is comfortable and still a popular choice in Malaysia.
  • Proton Wira- Proton Wira has been available since 2007. This model has 1.5L engine and 66 kW. It is paired with front wheel drive and a manual transmission. The gearbox has 5 gears and shifting gears is very good. The maximum speed is 170 km/h and thanks to the 126 nm of torque, this car can easily reach the top speed. On the other side there is enough room for 5 passengers and the comfort is at the highest level.
  • Proton Preve- Proton Preve is one of the latest cars made by Proton Malaysia. It was introduced in 2013, as an affordable and comfortable sedan. The engine is 1.6L: and it has 103 kW. The best part of this model is the gearbox. It has 7 gears and it is automatic, so drive is very smooth. Thanks to these features, thiscar is fast as well. Inside, the latest design techniques were used, so being in the car is pleasant. On the other side, this model has the most equipment, compared with similar cars in the class.
  • Proton Persona- Proton Persona is a full-size sedan that comes with a great level of luxury and comfort. The interior is modern and nice place to be. The engine in this car produces 82 kW and it has a 1.6L capacity. The transmission is manual which makes this car more interesting to drive. Due to the fact it was launched in 2013, there are the latest features that come as standard equipment. In addition, this car has 4 doors and room for 5 passengers.
  • Proton Waja- Proton Waja is an economical sedan. It has 1.6L engine and 92 kW. In addition, it also has automatic transmission and front wheel drive. Thanks to the size, it is perfect for long journeys. The engine provides comfortable, smooth and quiet drive. On the other side, this car has modern steering, so driving it in a city isn’t an issue. The top speed is impressive as well, and it is 185 km/h.
  • Proton Iswara- Proton Iswara is another, economical sedan, made byProton Malaysia. It has 1.3L engine, which guarantees low fuel consumption. The engine in question produces 55 kW and it offers the top speed of 163 km/h. An interesting fact is that the design is suitable for tuning and other improvements. Incisive, this model can accommodate 5 people.
  • Proton Saga- Proton Saga offers comfortable ride and economic engine. It has 1.3L engine with 94 kW. It can provide the top speed of 155 km/h and it is paired with automatic transmission. This model is affordable, but it still comes with a lot of equipment.

Multi-purpose vehicles

  • Proton Juara- Proton Juara is a very interesting, multi-purpose vehicle. It has space for 5 passengers and it has small dimensions. On the other side, the engine is 1.0L and it produces 53 kW. The transmission is automatic and it has 4 gears. The power is transferred to the front wheels. This model is known as one of the smallest and most economical, multi-purpose cars on the market. The max speed is 135 km/h.
  • Proton Exora- Proton Exora is one of the latest models, made by Proton Malaysia. It was introduced in 2015, so it is based on the latest technology. It has 1.6L engine, producing 138 PS. The power is sent to the front wheels. The best part of this car is the room, inside. There is enough of it for 7 passengers. Even those on the rear seats will have more than needed space. The top speed is 185 km/h and it is one of the fastest multi-purpose cars in its class.

Pick-up trucks

Proton Arena- Proton Arena is the best known pickup truck, made by Proton Malaysia. This vehicle has 1.5L engine, which offers a high level of torque and more than enough power, due to the fact this isn’t a very big pickup truck. Despite the fact it is great for commercial purposes, this model has a modern design and it is economical. In addition, it was launched in 2008.

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