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Perodua is the largest car manufacturer in Malaysia. The company was founded in 1992 and 2 years later, they made their first car, the Perodua Kancil. The main rival of this company is Proton. However, two companies don’t have vehicles in the same class. Today, Perodua is well-known manufacturer of superminis and mini cars. The main components, such as transmission and engines aren’t designed nor built by the company. They are obtained from Daihatsu. In addition, Daihatsu holds 20% of the Perodua Malaysia.

The main facilities are located in Serendah, Selangor. Currently, this company employs 10.000 employees. In 2012, they have sold more than 189.000 vehicles, which is 30% of the market share in Malaysia. The company is planning to build another factory in the country. The new slogan, "Building Cars, People First" is in use since 2009. Perodua Malaysia is best-known for making small, reliable and economical cars.

Perodua car models:


  • Perodua Viva- Perodua Viva was completely redesigned in 2013, so it doesn’t have a lot in common with the previous model. The length of the car is 3575 mm which means that this car is perfect for city driving. It is economical as well, due to the fact it has a 989 cc engine, producing 45 kW. The engine has three cylinders and 12 valves. The power is transferred to the front wheels. In addition, it has a manual transmission. This is one of the most popular cars, made by Perodua Malaysia. This car is small, but it has 5 doors and enough room for 5 people. Thanks to it, Viva is very practical. If we add the fact that it is one of the most affordable cars on the market, we get a perfect car. Despite the price, level of equipment is high. You get: ABS, MP3, brake assist, central locking and etc. All of this is standard equipment.
  • Perodua Kelisa- Perodua Kelisa is another hatchback, made completely by Perodua Malaysia. It was introduced in 2001 and was built till 2007. During that time, the company introduced several versions. The specifications are similar to the previous model. It has a 989 cc engine, producing 40 kW. It has 3 cylinders and it is petrol powered. This engine is well-known for low fuel consumption. The front wheels are responsible for the movement. The transmission has 5 gears and it is manual. This car may be small, but it offers enough space for 5 adults. There is enough leg room and head room, even on the rear seats. In addition, it comes with 5 doors, so it is practical. This car is mostly bought by people who like classic design, combined with the latest features. Kalisa is a perfect car for busy cities, due to the fact it is small, so driving and parking are simple. The steering is specially designed for city drive as well, so Kalisa offers great handling. On the other side, comfort is at a high level, so driving this car is pleasant.
  • Perodua Kenari- Perodua Kenari was produced between 2000 and 2009. It is a small hatchback, best-known for the unique design it has. It looks a bit sporty, with all benefits of a small car. The main application for this model is city drive. That’s why it has small, but economic engine. In fact, the engine has 989 cc capacity and 3 cylinders. It produces 40 kW and sends power to the front wheels. The transmission is automatic and it has 4 gears. Despite the fact it is small, this model offers enough space for passengers and it has 5 doors. In addition, there is room for 5 passengers, even those on the rear seats, will have enough room. Thanks to easy handling and small dimensions, driving and parking in a city is very simple and easy. This car is perfect for young drivers.
  • Perodua Myvi- Perodua Myvi is the latest model of the Perodua Malaysia. It was introduced in 2015, and it has a modern and interesting design. Also, it has the latest features and the newest engine and transmission. The engine is 1.3L and it produces 90 PS. The power is transferred to the front wheels through 4 gear transmission. It is an automatic transmission and it changes gears smoothly. Although, this is a small car, it has 5 doors and place for 5 passengers. The interior is modern as well, and there are a lot of features. Perodua Malaysia paid a lot of attention to the practicality of the car. It is great for city driving and it has the best handling in the class. Due to the fact this car was made in 2015, it comes with great additions. Standard equipment includes: ISOFIX Child Restraint System, ABS, parking assist, reverse sensor, Bluetooth and etc.
  • Perodua Kancil- Perodua Kancil was built from 2000 till 2007.This is one of the smallest cars, Perodua Malaysia makes. Beside small dimensions, this model has a small engine. The engine in question is 659 cc, producing 23 kW. It is one of the smallest engines on the market. Although, the power isn’t at the highest level. Other features are. This model has 5 gears transmission and front wheel drive. The number of doors is 5 and it can accommodate the same number of passengers. This car is usually the first choice of people who like small, but reliable cars. The maintenance of this model is the cheapest you can get. In addition, this model is designed to be a city car, so it isn’t right choice for those who like traveling with their car. Keep in mind that auto air conditioning is offered as standard equipment. This is also one of the cheapest cars on the market.
  • Perodua axia- Perodua axia is made to be one of the most economical cars on the planet. According to the specification and tests, it is. This car has 1.0L engine, producing 66 kW, which is enough, due to the fact this car is light. It has an automatic transmission and front wheel drive. All of these means that Axia is perfect for city drive. Perodua Malaysia introduced this model in 2014, so it is 2 years old. Inside, you get a lot of equipment for the price. Standard equipment includes: ISOFIX Child Restraint System, reverse sensor and power socket. In addition, there are a lot of features that come as standard. Beside practicality, this model is well-known for reliability, so it is a wise investment. The maintenance of this car is also very cheap, which makes it a perfect choice for teenagers and younger people. On the other side, the design is modern and makes this car looks the same as more expensive models.

Multi-purpose vehicles

  • Perodua Alza- Perodua Alza is a more powerful car, compared with the models above. It has 1.5L engine, producing 103 HP. The power is transferred, through 4 gears transmission (automatic) on the front wheels. This car is a common choice due to the fact it comes with a 3 years of free service. On the other side, this model has 7 seats, so it’s a great choice for families. It has 5 doors, so it is practical as well. The latest model was introduced by Perodua Malaysia in 2013 and it brought several improvements, compared with the previous model. The price is affordable as well. However, this model has a lot of equipment. Just some features are: ABS, reverse camera, airbags, GPS, reverse sensors, door trims and etc. The best part of the car is the comfort. It is more than good, so driving your family on a journey is more than possible with this car. An interesting fact is that it offers enough space on all 7 seats.


Perodua Kembara- Perodua Kembara is the first SUV car, Perodua Malaysia made. It is also one of the most affordable SUV cars on the planet. It has 1.3L engine, producing 86 kW. It has 4 cylinders and it is paired with 5 speed transmission. The gearbox is manual and shifting gears is pleasant. The best part of this car is the fact it has 4 wheel drive. In addition, this 4 wheel system is very efficient, so driving Kembara off road is actually possible. Thanks to the fact this car is light and tall, sporty off road drive is possible. On the other side it can be used as a city car, because it doesn’t have big dimensions. In addition, this is a comfortable car, with great handling. Parking it would be a real pleasure thanks to the aforementioned benefits. With the car, you get: auto air condition, CD player and body kit. Another, great fact about this car is the reliability. The model is practical, cheap to maintain and it can be driven every day, without fear that something will go wrong with the engine or transmission. Inside, you get enough room for 5 people. Even those on the rear seats will have enough legroom and headroom.

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