Discover Nissan Almera - We have everything you wanted to know about Nissan Almera

The Nissan Almera is the latest car model to come from Nissan Malaysia, sporting a sleek and stylish new design as well as a slew of features that have been designed to satisfy consumers in this market.

Nissan Almera Generation and Variants

First released in 1995, the Nissan Almera is now in its third generation on the market. This car initially came out as a replacement for the Nissan Sunny (N14), and it was almost identical to the Nissan Pulsar (N15).

There are a number of different variants of the Nissan Almera, including the E MT, E AT, V AT, and VL AT. Each of these models is priced differently according to the various features they offer. All of these variants use an automatic transmission except for the E MT. The Nissan Almera E MT priced at RM64,960, the E AT model costs RM67,882, the V AT costs RM74,700, and the VL AT costs RM77,622.

The latest version of the Nissan Almera is an entry level family car launched to target the C segment specifically. This car’s overall affordability is definitely one of the most attractive things about it, available at prices that range from around RM64,000 to RM77,000. Historically the Almera has been one of Malaysia’s best-selling cars, and this one is no different.

Nissan Almera Specification

The 2015 Almera is vastly improved and updated petrol-and-go version that is very economical to run. While there have been no mechanical changes made to this version (the 1.5 liter HR15DE engine is still there), there have been some cosmetic updates that are worth taking note of. Some of these revisions include a newly profiled front bumper with a lot more chrome as well as re-sculpted headlights. There have also been some changes to the side mirror-mounted blinkers as well as a new revised alloy rim design.

The engine and drivetrain in the new Nissan Almera is perfectly adequate for city driving, but there isn’t much to say about it beyond that. Although this car is typically pretty quiet, that can quickly change when you start accelerating. There is the same amount of generous boot space (a total of 490 litres), as well as plenty of leg room in the back of the vehicle. You can feel this car’s stability even at high speeds, which is definitely a good thing to keep in mind.

Nissan Almera Review

Overall, the Nissan Almera from Nissan Malaysia is a solid family car that has quite a bit to offer in the way of stability as well as a sharp exterior look. And while most of the changes and upgrades that have been made to this model are purely cosmetic, it is a vast improvement over the previous version. The affordability of this vehicle is also something to take into consideration if you are currently looking for a new vehicle but trying to save money in the process. And although this car may have a sporty appearance, it is a bit under-powered with the same engine that was used in the previous model.

Nissan Almera have a total of 18 variant.

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