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Nissan was founded in 1933, as an automobile parts division. Since then, they have grown and got an important role in the worldwide production of the cars, trucks, motorboats and forklifts. An interesting fact is that this company also has roles in making rockets. The Nissan Malaysia started operating in the 50s as a small motor distributor. Due to the fact this division was more than successful, in 1957 it became the franchise holder.

In 2001, Nissan Corporation built a new factory in Guangzhou, which became the biggest factory of the company in the world. On the other side, in Malaysia, Nissan has several facilities, developed for: body work, paint jobs, assembly, the quality inspections and test track. Every model, must pass strict tests, before it is available on the market. In addition, Nissan also has manufacturing facilities in this country.

In 2007, this manufacturer was awarded for the best customer service. A few years later, in 2009, they were awarded as the best company for pre-delivery inflection. In 2013, Nissan has record sale rate in Malaysia. The total number, of sold vehicles was, 55.620. This was an increase of more than 50%, compared to the previous year. The slogan of the Nissan Malaysia is ‘’Innovation that excites’’. This division is still, well-known for outstanding customer support and some of the best pre-delivery checks, so owners get their cars in perfect condition.

Nissan Car Models:

Sports cars

  • Nissan GTR- Nissan GTR is a sports car with four wheel drive and twin turbo engine. It is one of the best cars, when it comes to 0-60 mph acceleration in the world. On the other side, it is treated as one of the most affordable sports cars available on the market.
  • Nissan 350Z- Nissan 350Z is a sports car, made by Nissan. It has 3.5L, petrol engine with 6 cylinders. This car has a unique design and amazing sound. It is a rear wheel drive, so it is fun to drive as well. All the power is transferred to the rear wheels through a 5 speed transmission.
  • Nissan Fairlady- Nissan Fairlady is a small sports car that shares a similar design with the 350Z. It is a rear wheel drive and the engine delivers 280kw of power. This means that sporty driving is more than possible. This is a couple, with room for two passengers.
  • Nissan 370Z Coupe- Nissan 370Z Coupe is a supercar, a new version of the legendary Nissan 350Z. It offers sporty performances, affordable price and the latest design. Every car must pass strict tests, by the Nissan Malaysia. It has been treated as one of the best cars for families without children or for people who like sporty drive and everyday functionality.
  • Nissan 370Z Roadster- Nissan 370Z Roadster is a convertible version of the 370Z, supercar. It has the same features as the aforementioned model, but it has a soft top, so you can enjoy in the sun and wind, while driving it. In addition, roadster allows you to hear that amazing sound much better than coupe version.


  • Nissan Serena- Nissan Serena was introduced in 1991, and it was one of the best vans on the market. Nowadays, it is a well-known van due to the fact it comes in many, different versions and it is extremely practical.
  • Nissan Urvan- Nissan Urvan is a re-make of the same named model from 1965. It is especially targeted towards Malaysia, due to the fact it offers 14 seats, it is economical and practical. In addition, this can be a family car as well.
  • Nissan Vanette- Nissan Vanette is a van, well-known for its reliability. It has been one of the most wanted vehicles, assembled by Nissan Malaysia. Despite the fact to be a van, it has smaller dimensions that similar models in the same price range have. This makes it the perfect choice for driving around busy cities.


  • Nissan Livina X-Gear- Nissan Livina X-Gear was recently introduced. This is a family car, designed for families that like exploration. It is incredibly reliable and practical. It is also one of the most sold models by Nissan Malaysia. It is also completely made by Nissan Malaysia. Other specifications include: 1.6L engine, 4 gears and front wheel drive.
  • Nissan Teana- Nissan Teana is a middle range car, carefully chose for the Malaysian market. Most components are assembled, and manufactured by Nissan Malaysia. The second generation of this car was introduced in 2009. It is available with engines: 2.0L, 2.3L and 3.5L.
  • Nissan Cefiro- Nissan Cefiro is a front wheel drive sedan. It offers the perfect combination of luxury and practicality of a city car. It is available with an automatic transmission (4 gears) and 110 kW engine. The engine is petrol powered and it is one of the most economical engines in the class.
  • Nissan Sylphy- Nissan Sylphy is a sedan, with 1.8L engine and manual transmission. It is designed for city ride and shorter journeys. The engine delivers 96 kW and it is economical (15 km per one liter). This is also a very safe car, so it is a perfect choice for families.
  • Nissan Sentra- Nissan Sentra isn’t a new car, but it is well-known for its reliability and practicality. The engine is 1.6L, delivering 86 kW on the front wheels. This is a full size sedan, so it is perfect for families and long journeys.
  • Nissan Almera- Nissan Almera is one of the latest cars that comes from Nissan Malaysia. It is a sedan, with front wheel drive, 5 seats and automatic transmission. The engine delivers around 100 hp and it is one of more economical engines in the class.
  • Nissan Latio- Nissan Latio is based on the Nissan Tilda (in other countries). This is a sedan, with 1.6L engine and 80 kW of power. It has 4 doors and enough room for 5 passengers. In addition, this model is well-known for economic engine and great city-drive capabilities.


  • Nissan Murano-Nissan Murano is one of the latest models made by the company. It is an SUV model that is characteristic due interesting design and off-road capabilities. The 3.5L version is known as the best choice and it is a perfect combination between performance and fuel consumption.
  • Nissan Juke- Nissan Juke is an SUV car that is best-known for unique design. It is available as a four wheel drive car, and it is capable of driving off road. On the other side, it has a 1.6L engine, but it is a turbocharged, so it delivers 188 hp.
  • Nissan X-Trail- Nissan X-Trail is an SUV (sport utility vehicle). It is available as 2 wheel drive and four wheel drive car. In both cases, it has 5 doors and enough space for 7 passengers. The 2.5L engine delivers 199 hp on the wheels.

Pick-up trucks

  • Nissan Navara- Nissan Navara is a pickup truck, with a version that has been especially made by Nissan Malaysia for this market. It has an interesting design and offers the highest level of practicality. The rear suspension has been improved, so passengers can expect a more comfortable ride. It has 4WD and owner can choose between manual and automatic transmission.
  • Nissan Frontier- Nissan Frontier was introduced in 2009 and it is one of most commonly used pickup trucks on the market. It has all wheel drive, paired with manual transmission. Nissan Malaysia claims that this is a sport utility vehicle.
  • Nissan Terrano- Nissan Terrano is also known as Pathfinder. The name tells more than enough. This is a pick-up truck with off road capabilities. It offers a lot of space for transporting items, even to the remote locations. The engine is 2.3L and it produces 75 kW. The power is transferred to all wheels. 

Compact MPV

  • Nissan Grand Livina Autech- Nissan Grand Livina Autech was one of the best-selling cars of the company. However, it the previous year, it wasn’t a proper competitor. That’s why, the Nissan Malaysia made a new version. It is a family car with engines of 1.6L and 1.8L. The new version is available on the market.
  • Nissan Elgrand- Nissan Elgrand is a big family car that comes with great design and practicality. It has a 3.5L engine, which provides more than enough or power and torque. In addition, it is treated as one of the more luxurious models, made by the company. On the other side, its price is more than affordable.
  • Nissan Grand Livina- Nissan Grand Livina is another family car made by this manufacturer. It has 5 doors and enough space for 7 passengers, which makes it perfect for large families. It is powered by a petrol engine, delivering 77 kW and paired with automatic transmission.
  • Nissan Ad Resort- Nissan Ad Resort is a compact wagon, introduced in the 80s. Nowadays, the latest model has been significantly improved and it offers more space and newer engines. This car is available only as a front wheel drive. It is a perfect choice for families with several kids.

Small, city cars

Nissan March- Nissan March or better known as Nissan Micra, is a small city car that was made on the same principles as the model from the 80s. Although, this is one of the cheapest cars on the market, it comes with high level of equipment. The available engines are 1.0L and 1.2L. Both of them offer nice ride and they are economical.

Commercial vehicles

  • Nissan Navara Single Cab- Nissan Navara Single Cab is a commercial vehicle, capable of transporting big loads across the city and further. The configuration allows it minor off road capabilities. Despite the fact this is a commercial vehicle, it comes with adjustable seats, air conditioning and a CD player. Of course, other options are available as well.
  • Nissan NV200- Nissan NV200 is another commercial vehicle, available to you thanks to Nissan Malaysia. It has a 1.6L engine, delivering 88 kW and 5 gear transmission (manual). All power is transferred to the front wheels. This model also has power steering and direct fuel injection.

Electric cars

Nissan Leaf- Nissan Leaf was one of the first, fully electric cars available on the market. It can reach 140 km/h and it offers 190 km of range, with the battery fully charged. On the other side, the charging time can last up to 20 hours.

Nissan have a total of 54 car model and rank at Top 4 in CloudHax Reputation Monitor.

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