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The Reliable Car Manufacturers (And The Worst)

14 Jan 2016

Honda Jazz Hybrid 1.3 CKD front View

One of the most important factors in any car purchase decision is reliability. No driver wants to find themselves stranded on the motorway hard-shoulder with the engine steaming. Breakdowns are embarrassing, time consuming, and devilishly expensive. Even minor repairs will set drivers back. If you want to avoid the regular destruction of your savings account, you need a reliable car. So today, we’re exploring the most reliable manufacturers on the road. Some car makers have a strong reputation here. But why? It all comes down to frequency of problems and the average cost of repair. Without further ado, here are the best manufacturers out there.

  1. Honda – It has become an annual tradition that Honda takes home the reliability crown. As you’ll see in the following few bullet points, the Asian manufacturers are the runaway winners. There’s a certain care and attention to detail that suppases the Eurpean and American manufacturers. At the very top of the table is the Honda Jazz; an exceptionally reliable car. With Honda, you’ll rarely go near the garage, but if you do, it’s cheap to fix.
  1. Suzuki – The Japanese giants are perhaps more well-known in the motorcycle market. However, they know a thing-or-two about reliable cars, as the latest results prove. The sensibleSuzuki Swift is an all-round family workhorse, providing astonishing reliability. The bigger cars like the Jimny and Vitara hold their own too.
  1. Toyota – And Toyota makes it 1-2-3 victory for Japan. Taking the bronze medal are Suzuki and Honda’s biggest neighbour, Toyota. The manufacturer has long been associated with reliability, but they’ve extended this in recent years. The Toyota Prius is regularly consideredone of the most reliable cars on the road, despite its experimental hybrid engine.  

4. Chevrolet and Mazda – In joint fourth place are American giants Chevrolet and plucky Mazda. Chevvy are renowned the world over for their iconic Camaro and Corvette. However, it’s their sensible range that wins them points here. The Chevrolet Spark, Cruze, and Orlando come up trumps here. Mazda, on the other hand, have perfected the balance of fun and reliability. Their cars are a masterpiece of excitement and practicality.

  1. Volkswagen – You may be surprised to see the lack of German engineering in this list. Frankly, so were we. The likes of BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are widely regarded as reliable, solid cars. But, only Volkswagen makes it onto the list to represent the German auto corps. There’s a reason why used Volkswagens are so popular. You can see for yourself at Even the older models hold their build quality, driving nearly 100,000 without so much as a hiccup. You can’t go wrong with Volkswagen.

The Worst – Before we go, we’ll leave you with the worst performers here in this category. The results may come as a surprise. At the bottom of the table, you’ll find Bentley, Porsche, Jeep, and Audi (respectively). Each are known for their luxury and build quality. Yet here they are at the bottom. These models fail regularly, and they’re expensive to repair.

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