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Singapore vehicles must be registered to enter Malaysia

15 Oct 2015

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Photo: Straits Times

Registration with the Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (RTD) is required. Effective Sept 1, Singaporean vehicles that are not registered will be refused entry to Malaysia. “This applies to all private automobiles, taxis, public buses, good vehicles and diplomatic cars,” said Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi. This means that registration with the Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (RTD) is compulsory.

On August 15, the online registration through the RTD website will begin and the automobile owners needs to pay RM 10 ($3.60) for the road charge. The registration is valid for five years. Other alternatives include the 72 counters in both the Causeway, Second Link and the R&R areas near the two main entry points.

After registration, RTD will then assign a radio frequency identification (RFID) card to the owners. “The RFID card will need to be renewed when the owner buys a new car or upon expiry,” Datuk Abdul Aziz added.

Between Sept 1 to Sept 30, Singapore vehicles are allowed to pass through the Johor checkpoints for a one-month complimentary trial. Effective Oct 1 onwards, the Singapore-registered cars will then be charged RM 20 per entry for the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP).

It was shared by Datuk Abdul Aziz that the VEP system would undergo a second phase covering the Malaysia-Thailand border. The government plans for a mid-2016 roll out for this phase. He added that they need to have standard procedures and that the VEP fee is expected to be similar.

VEP was previously scheduled to start on Sept 1 after it was delayed from August 1. VEP will be enforced on private passenger vehicles that includes sports utilities and multi-purpose vehicles. Payment can only be made with the Touch’ n Go card.

The only exempted vehicles from the VEP are motorcycles, taxis, public buses and government vehicles. However, they are not exempted from RTD’s registration.

Last year August 1st, Singapore has increased the VEP for the foreign automobiles to enter their country from S$20 to S$35 daily. Singapore too have raised the Goods Vehicle Permit from S$10 to S$40.


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