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Real Tips to get the Best Fuel Efficient from Your Car

14 Jan 2016

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  1. Tired of getting low mileages from the car?
  2. The car doesn’t give you the fuel efficient as the car manufacturer provided?
  3. Tried out the fuel saver auto accessories but doesn’t work?
  4. Tried out the fuel saver addictive but doesn’t work?

The major contributor to the bad fuel efficient is the driving habits of the drivers themselves. Many of the drivers are not aware of this, but the attitude and habits  are the one who make the vehicle become less fuel efficient than could be.

Simply flooring the gas pedal for overtaking, sudden and harsh breaking, tailgating other drivers, over-speeds on the roads and do not follow the maintenance service schedules not only make the ride less fuel efficient but also wear out the vehicle’s parts faster.

Installing those fuel saver gadgets or using fuel addictive only give very minimal or no effect on the fuel efficient. Some of the products may even damage the ride.

Below are the basic and PROVEN genuine methods and driving habits to achieve better fuel efficient for the vehicles:

  1. -Regular service the vehicle according to the service maintenance schedule to ensure the vehicle in the tip top condition.
  2. -Drive and accelerate the vehicle smoothly, keep the engine RPM below 2.5K during acceleration.Toyota Vios ODOMETER             
  3.  Keep the engine RPM below 2.5K all the time
  4. -Maintain 90-110km/h during cruising on highway, this range of speed give the best fuel efficient during cruising on highway.  Anything faster or slower than this doesn’t give you optimal fuel efficient.
  5. -Avoid/reduce hard acceleration or overtaking and then immediately harsh braking with your vehicle.
  6. -Turn off the car engine to prevent from wasting fuel when you are expecting to wait for someone longer than 3 minutes. Get out from car and walk around, this will keep you refreshing too 
  7. -Engage your ride to ‘Neutral’ mode when stopping for traffic light, the vehicle tend to waste more petrol in ‘Drive’ mode.

Engage your ride to 'Neutral' mode when stopping for traffic light

       Engage your ride to ‘Neutral’ mode when stopping for the traffic light

8. -Turn OFF the air-conditioner when is not required. Air-con required huge power from engine to run on. The vehicle will be ‘much’              lighter to accelerate without air-conditioner.

Toyota Vios Air Conditioner Vents

                Turn OFF the air-conditioner when is not required.Air-con required huge                                                                                                                       power from engine to run on

9. -Avoid putting heavy load on the car’s bonnet, the ride will lighter thus save the fuel and better acceleration.

10. -Ensure the car tires are inflated according to manufacturer recommendation. Under inflated tires causes the vehicle consume at              least extra 3% or more the fuel efficient that it should be.

11. -Avoid modifying the car to bigger size of wheels then the manufacturer recommended, bigger wheels with wider threads and heavier        tires and rims make the vehicle heavier to move around.

                 Bigger wheels with wider threads and heavier tires and rims make the vehicle heavier to move around

fuel efficient car not only GREENER to the world and ease your wallet, but also making the world a better place to live.

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