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CarBuddy Malaysia

29 Jan 2016

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Meet Ma Han Bin, CEO of CarBuddy Malaysia - the first professional door-to-door car wash in Malaysia.

Washing a car can be quite an ordeal for many; equipment, water & pressure, materials, technique and time is needed to do the deed right, and it is simply too much hassle for a lot of people to contend with. Even though carwashes are popping up left and right, many find it a challenge to engage one whom handles your car with the care it deserves.

Washing cars is not normally considered a professional career, which is why makeshift carwashes seem to prop up and vanish overnight, all over the place, all the time. Some of these unscrupulous opportunists also take the opportunity to charge a lot more. These unethical vendors would charge a normal rate for mass-market cars, and an absurd rate for premium cars – simply because they think you can pay for it.

Young Han Bin saw the opportunity and potential in a professional door-to-door car wash service when he was working in the construction industry. Urban Malaysia is developing vertically, and many will attest to the fact that washing a car in a condominium to be an impossible chore. Condominiums carparks are often not designed to allow for convenient car washing in mind, and it was with solving these problems in mind that Carbuddy was conceived.


Car Buddy has its R&D arm in Taiwan, where they source their cleaning materials. 6 types of products are used to clean the various surfaces, categorized into exterior, interior, glass, tyre, mud, and leather. Different parts of the car would correspondingly use a different agent and color-coded cloth in order to ensure the fidelity of the wash. Their process seeks to ensure that owners come back to a scratch-free vehicle.


The portable car wash is truly an all-in-one machine which allows for a convenient and thorough cleaning within a single package. It is ridiculously water-efficient and focuses a lot more on wiping the car clean than actually flooding it with water. Each car would only take up to 2 litres of water per wash, and the machine can be fueled with enough water for more than 30 washes in one go.

What does CarBuddy have to offer?

CarBuddy is currently based in Bandar Puteri, Puchong, Kuala Lumpur, where their professional detailing centre operates. It offers the full-range of detailing services, from cleaning engines to windscreen restoration, at more than fair prices. They also use water-wax in their washes, which serves to ensure an even finishing on your car’s coat of paint!

Franchising Opportunities

Apart from that, CarBuddy is also offering franchising opportunities based on the portable carwash, with condominium dwellers being the target audience. CarBuddy takes all the right steps by offering affordable packages and a very well-thought-out and technologically advanced operations module which can be easily adopted. CarBuddy is looking to provide a dynamic solution to the problems faced by this static industry, by offering this innovative and fully portable all-in-one solution.

If you like what you’re hearing about CarBuddy, call them up and let them exceed your expectations!

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