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Having already launched one new SUV at the beginning of the year, Honda Malaysia is at it again, this time round with a new model by the name 2015 Honda HR-V in Malaysia.

Well, much has been said and speculated regarding the Honda Malaysia, with even members of the public being given an opportunity to get close to the new Honda HR-V.There are about 1500 units of the Honda HR-V that have already been booked. However if you have not gotten a chance to throw a glance at the car yet, you can see it at the Honda showrooms across the country.

The 2015 Honda HR-V is basically a city based car, designed with dimensions of the compact SUV that are currently trending; much like the Peugeot 208 and the Ford Eco sport which are upsized. There are two models of Honda HR-V. These models will have to compete on the local market.

HR is quite different from the city and jazz, it has a powerful engine, using its 1.8 liter SOHC i-VTEC 4 cylinder engine with a strong continuously variable transmission(CVT) with 7 automatically shifting virtual rations that look similar to city and jazz. The Honda HR-V has five body colors which include Alabaster Silver Metallic, Ruse Black Metallic, Taffeta White, Modern Steel Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl.

Additionally, the price of the Honda HR-V comes with a 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty. It also includes 6 free labor services. Furthermore, the regular service interval is now up to 10,000km.The Honda HR-V is smaller in size compared to CR-V, but with a bigger space and rides taller than the city and jazz.

Honda HR-V Generation and Variant

The generation that is currently on the market is Honda HR-V Mk2. There are three variants of the Honda HR-V and they include:

  • The 2015 Honda HR-V 1.8S Grade
  • The 2015 Honda HR-V 1.8V Grade
  • The 2015 Honda HR-V 1.8E Grade

Well the price of the Honda HR-V model greatly depends on the variant that you want to purchase. The 2015 Honda HR_V 1.8 S Grade is currently selling at RM 99,800. The starting price of the 2015 Honda HR-V 1.8 V Grade is RM 118,800 and the 2015 Honda HR-V 1.8 E Grade variant costs RM 108,800. Honda HR-V faces stiff competition from other major manufacturers such as the 2014 Peugeot 2008 1.6L which costs RM 119,88 and 2014 FordEco sport 1.5L that costs between RM 92,88  to RM 103,888.

Honda HR-V specifications

The Honda HR-V has power of 142PS at 6500 rpm. The engine tank accommodates a 1.8 liter SOHC i-VTEC, petrol, 4 cylinders. Also, the transmission is earth dream automatic CVT with 7 virtual ratios. Additionally, the torque is 172Nm at 4300rpm.

As mentioned earlier, all the three variants of Honda HR-V in Malaysia have the 1.8 liter SOHC i-VTEC petrol engine. The variants are also paired with Earth Dreams Auto CVT transmission. The performance of the 1.8 liter HR-V is steady and way up above its competitors such as Peugeot 2008 and Ford Eco sport which use very small displacements.

The Honda HR-V has a sleek and attractive look. The car is simply pretty, and there is a reason why we call it pretty. Well, the HR-V has borrowed much of its specifications from its siblings. The designers of the car seemed to have employed all that we have seen in other Honda models and incorporated it into this new machine. However, Honda HR-V has its own unique specifications that make it stand out from the rest. The handles of the rear door are positioned on the C pillars of the vehicle, which simply makes the car a five seater. Additionally, HR-V is a fully fledged 4 door vehicle.

The best bits of the Honda HR-V are actually found on the highest variant, and that is the 2015 Honda HR-V Grade V variant, which is fully equipped with LED lamps as well as daytime running lights. Also, the car is fitted with chrome outer door handles The S variant and the E variants have halogen lights.

Both the Honda HR-V Grade E and Grade V have the same side mirrors.

The overall interior design of the HR-V looks a bit similar to the City and Jazz traits i.e. air conditioning controls, touch panels, 7 inch touchscreen display, 3 spoke steering with audio control buttons and many more. However, these specifications are available according to the variant in question.

The cabin of the new Honda HR-V is slightly larger than the Honda Jazz. The designers of the car say that things such as the legroom, head and the shoulder are in fact larger than those of Jazz. The cabin is well designed to wrap around the driver and the front driver.

The HR-V has a unique feature on the front passenger side- the air conditioning vent. The vent is a three vent design that is stretched across the dashboard.

What is also new in the Malaysian market is the center console. The center console has a curved shape that runs alongside the gear lever. These consoles are resourceful storage slots. Underneath the floating console is another storage compartment where you will see sockets for things such as USB connectivity, the car’s HDMI and AUX. (however, this depend on the variant). The storage department is spacious enough to store your mobile device as well as other important valuables.

Honda HR-V Review

Honda HR-V is an impressive vehicle with a futuristic look according to the reviews. The interior is very well equipped and has a premium feels i.e. the multicolor odometer, the left leather soft touch plastic and so on. Also, the car has great fuel efficiency. The LED headlights are very bright and also bright. It is very clear when you drive at night, especially in dark places. It is really worth your money with specs such as VSA, EPB, six airbags, rear camera, push start, auto headlight cruise control and smash entry. Another plus point is the smart brake, it is very convenient.

Honda HRV Malaysia is definitely a car worth every penny, its ultra-modern look and all its unique specifications makes it stand out from the rest.

Honda HR-V have a total of 8 variant.

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