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It’s almost impossible to remember a time when Honda didn’t dominate the car market with their line of vehicles. Arguably one of the most well-known and well-loved vehicles in that range is the humble old Civic, that dates back to 1972. The Civic has come a long way since then and you’ll be pleased to hear that you can pick up one fairly cheaply to use when zipping around Malaysia.

With so many different variants and generations to choose from, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about the Honda Civic in the Malaysia market.

Honda Civic Generation

The Honda Civic is a car with an incredibly rich history, so you can likely imagine that this is one comprised of a number of generations. If you’re looking for the most affordable option for the Malaysia market, you’re going to want to be looking at either the sixth or seventh generations. These models date anywhere between 1995 and 2005. Many argue that the Civic had reached its peak at this point and with that in mind, you’re going to be getting a tremendously reliable car for not an awful lot of money at all.

There are of course a couple of newer generations of the Civic available, including the eighth and ninth variation of the vehicle. If you can afford either of these options, we’d definitely recommend picking one up, but they will cost you a considerable amount more. Either way, whichever generation of the Honda Civic that you decide to opt for, we can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to be buying into a good quality car and that’s something that we can personally vouch to in our car model review.

The Honda Civic isn’t just a car with many generations but the car of many generations.


As you’re likely already aware, the Honda Civic is a car built for a large audience and as such, is available in a range of different variants. We’ve taken a look at one of the key variants in the sixth generation of this car, which offers the legendary Honda D engine. The base model of this car offers a pretty impressive engine size of 1.6L. With that in mind, if you’re planning a road trip across the beautiful country of Malaysia this summer, you’ll find that the car provides you with enough power to accomplish exactly that.

When it comes to latter variants of the Honda Civic, you will find a considerable amount of improvement, with some models even offering an engine size of 1.8L or more. However, there’s a good chance that you’re not actually going to need a car model spec like that and should find that the cheaper 1.6L variant does the job just fine. Either way, whichever variant of the Honda Civic you opt with, it’s pretty clear that this is a vehicle designed and built to last you and Honda are definitely a name that you know can be trusted.

Price Range

When you take into consideration how well known the Honda Civic is and how much of a popular vehicle it has become, you’d likely expect to pay a fair amount for your own. However, the car model price of the Honda Civic is actually considerably less than you might think. In fact, the sixth and seventh generation variants of the car that we’ve taken a look at start at around RM100,000+.

It goes without saying that if you’re prepared to spend a bit of extra money, you’re going to get your hands on a better quality vehicle. However, that’s not to say that the cheaper options available of the Honda Civic won’t do a great job.

Interior and Exterior

Legendary is a word that prominently applies to the exterior design of the Honda Civic and even with the older models, you’ll still find a nice looking design. In fact, when you take the price that you’re going to be paying for this car into consideration, you’d be surprised by remarkably nice the exterior of the vehicle looks. You’ll also find the car available in a number of colour options if you’re looking to give your car a bit of added style.

On the other hand, we’d say that the interior of the Honda Civic really holds its own as well. If you’ve ever been inside a Honda Civic in the past, you’re likely already aware that they featured a pretty spacious interior. That spacious interior makes the Honda Civic the perfect vehicle if you’re looking to escape to one of Malaysia’s many beach resorts this summer. You’ll comfortably be able to fit the whole family into the car, plus all of your precious belongings. Just one look at its interior and this is a car clearly designed for family use.

Honda Civic Review

Just from the name of this car, Honda Civic, it’s pretty clear that you’re buying into good quality here. You’re likely already aware that Honda’s range of vehicles offer fantastic driving at an even better price and the Civic is definitely no exception to that trend. If you’re looking to pack everything up and head to the beach with the kids this summer, we truly couldn’t recommend a better car to do it in than the Honda Civic.

No matter which generation of the legendary Honda Civic that you opt for, you’ll be travelling like a king across Malaysia when summer comes.

Over the course of this article, we haven’t been able to find a single flaw to pick on the Honda Civic for, which likely goes some way to explain the car’s popularity. If you’re looking for a vehicle that you know you’re going to have no problems with, you’ll find exactly that and more in this iconic car from Honda.

Plus, considering both how cheap it is and the interior space of the car, there’s no better car that you can use for those long road trips across Malaysia. In case it wasn’t strikingly clear by now, we absolutely adore the Honda Civic.

Honda Civic have a total of 59 variant.

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