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Honda Company was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1937, as a small company for manufacturing piston rings. Although, at the beginning they weren’t known for the best quality, the company advanced and improved their quality. First vehicle they made was a motorcycle, made in 1949 with the name D-type. In 1963, they made their first pickup truck. Today, this company is the biggest motorcycle manufacturer and 8th biggest car factory in the world. In 2003, Honda Malaysia produced their first car in this country. Since then, they have improved and increased their production.

The main facilities are located in Minato, Japan. However, Honda owns numerous factories and facilities across the planet. One of them is Honda Malaysia. The revenue of the company is $119 billion. Since their founding, this company produced more than 4 million vehicles. The slogan of the Honda Malaysia is ‘’Power of the dreams’’. They are trying to produce affordable vehicles that guarantee the highest level of quality. According to the company, the satisfaction of the customers is extremely important.

Honda car models:


  • Honda CR-Z- Honda CR-Z is small hatchback, available to you thanks to Honda Malaysia. It has small, 1.6L engine, but it is very powerful. The transmission is 6 speeds, and it is one of the latest transmissions, made by this company. This model is well-known thanks to interesting design of the exterior and the interior. That’s why, younger people usually choose this car. In addition, it is comfortable and practical. Driving this car in the city is a real pleasure thanks to great features. The latest model was introduced in 2013, and it combines fresh look, sporty drive and practicality of a small, city car.
  • Honda Jazz Hybrid- Honda Jazz Hybrid is one of the most popular hatchbacks across the planet. The hybrid version has 88 PS, front gear drive and automatic transmission. It is practical as well, due to the fact it has 5 doors and space for 5 passengers. The best feature of this car is the fact it is very economical. All versions come with ABS and electronic stability control as standard. In addition, the look of the car is new and interesting, which makes it a very popular choice.  As all, Honda cars, Jazz is well-known for reliability.
  • Honda Insight- Honda Insight was updated in 2013 and now it has the latest features. This is a perfect city car, because it has a small engine, with 65 KW, so it is economical and great for city driving. The power is sent to the front wheels. Ina addition, the transmission is automatic. Despite the fact this is a small car, it has 5 doors and enough space for 5 passengers, even in the rear seats. Although, it is affordable it has; ABS, rear sensors, rain sensors, air conditioning and many other systems that were reserved for more expensive cars.
  • Honda Jazz- Honda Jazz is available with an engine with 118 PS and front wheel drive. The transmission is automatic and it offers space for 5 adults, despite the fact it is a small car. The latest version was introduced in 2014, so it comes with fresh and cool look. This model is commonly chosen by young drivers who are looking for small, practical and stylish car. In addition, this car is reliable and available across the planet. The length is only 3955 mm, but it offers decent boot, enough of leg room and enough space for adults, even on the rear seats. In addition, this car is comfortable and very economical, so it is a perfect choice for those who need to go across the city every day. Thanks to other dimensions, parking is simple. Even better, this model has rear sensors, which makes parking even easier.


  • Honda HR-V- Honda HR-V was introduced by the Honda Malaysia. This car is very popular, so 1500 units were booked as soon it became available. Although, it looks like an SUV, it has front wheel drive and a petrol engine, producing 140 PS. On the other side, it has 5 doors and enough rooms for 5 adults. The boot is big as well, so this model is great for families who like traveling. Due to the fact this version was introduced in 2015, it comes with a lot of features. Some of the standard features are: ABS, CD player, USB port, keyless entry, Bluetooth and etc. The stopping time is very short, thanks to disk brakes, mounted on all, 4 wheels.
  • Honda CR-V- Honda CR-V is another SUV, with off-road capabilities. It has 187PS and all-wheel drive, through 5 gears gearbox. These features allow to this car to go off-road, without any issues. It is comfortable and big enough for 5 passengers. The best part of this car is the design. The latest model was introduced in 2015 and it has modern and fresh design. Honda Malaysia claims that this is one of the most popular SUVs in this country. One of the reasons is the steering, which is very good. In addition, this car is popular across the planet, thanks to great features, practicality and great design.

Multi-purpose vehicles

  • Honda Stream- Honda Stream was introduced in 2000, so it isn’t the latest model. On the other side, it is one of the most commonly chosen family cars. Reasons why are simple. It has space for 7 passengers, so it is perfect for big families. The power, engine produces is 140 kW and it is paired with 5 gears automatic transmission. In addition, this car has 5 doors. The latest version was introduced in 2013 and it brought a lot of improvements. The best part of this car is the comfortable ride it offers.
  • Honda Freed- Honda Freed is going to be launched by Honda Malaysia and it is going to be available in this and surrounding countries. It hasa 87 kW engine and enough space for 7 people. The number of doors is 5. The transmission is automatic, which makes driving easier. An interesting fact is that this model has all-wheel drive, which makes it safer to drive than 2 wheels drive cars. Despite these features, the price is more than affordable, so this model is one of the best multi-purpose cars on the market.
  • Honda Odyssey- Honda Odyssey is a big car, offering space for 7 passengers. The power it has is 129 kW and it is paired with the automatic transmission. This model is well-known in Malaysia and the rest of the world, thanks to great features, practicality and reliability. In addition, a lot of equipment comes as standard.


  • Honda Civic- Honda Civic is one of the most known cars, made by this company. First model was launched in 1972. Since then, there has been a lot of versions that offered important improvements. The power this car has is 150 PS, which is enough, due to the fact it is very light. The power is transferred, through 5 gears transmission on the front wheels. The latest version was introduced in 2014 and it comes with a lot of equipment as standard. Honda Malaysia claims that this model is a common choice of businessmen and smaller families. It guarantees comfortable ride and high level of practicality.
  • Honda City- Honda City may have a name that should present this car as a small car, designed for city driving, but it isn’t. This is a full-size sedan that comes with great features, high-quality and economic engine. The engine produces 88 kW and it is paired with automatic transmission. The power is sent to the front wheels. As aforementioned, this is a big car, so it offers enough space for 5 passengers. Even those on the rear seats won’t have any problems. In addition, it has a big boot.
  • Honda Civic Hybrid- Honda Civic Hybrid has 82 KW and front wheel drive. However, it also has an electric motor, so the fuel consumption is significantly reduced. Keep in mind that this is a sedan with great boot and space for 5 adults. Beside already known features, Honda cars have to offer, this model offers ISOFIX Child Restraint System and Adaptive Front Lighting System. Thanks to these features, it is one of the most popular hybrid cars on the market.
  • Honda Accord- Honda Accord is a luxury sedan, made by Honda for a long time. It offers the best relation between luxury and the price. The length of the car is 4870 mm, so it isn’t a city car. On the other side, traveling in this car means that you will enjoy in a high level of comfort and luxury. The engine produces 114 kW and the power is sent to the front wheels. In addition, this model has 5 gears transmission (automatic). Honda Accord is one of the oldest models, this company made. It is exported by the Honda Malaysia and other divisions across the planet. Some features it has are: auto air conditioning, rain sensors, ISOFIX Child Restraint System, anti-theft system, rear spoiler, leather and etc. In general, this car offers a lot of standard equipment for the low price.

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