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CloudHAX Article Plan

CloudHAX Article Plan Details (Share Article)

Sharer PlanProfit Per ViewExample (10,000 Cumulative Views)
Flat0.005010,000 x 0.0050 = RM 50.00

CloudHAX Article Plan Details (Appointed Blogger / Author)

Author PlanProfit Per ViewExample (10,000 Cumulative Views)
Flat0.0210,000 x 0.02 = RM 200.00

CloudHAX Article Plan Details (Post Article)

#FollowerAuthor PlanProfit Per ViewExample (10,000 Cumulative Views)
10Free0.005010,000 x 0.0050 = RM 50.00
210Beginner0.006010,000 x 0.0060 = RM 60.00
325Junior0.008010,000 x 0.0080 = RM 80.00
450Executive0.010010,000 x 0.0100 = RM 100.00
5100Senior0.012010,000 x 0.0120 = RM 120.00
6150Pro0.014010,000 x 0.0140 = RM 140.00
7300Gold0.016010,000 x 0.0160 = RM 160.00
8500Platinum0.018010,000 x 0.0180 = RM 180.00
Minimum cash out is RM 100.00
Maximum cash out is RM 1,000.00
5% of administration fee and 6% GST will be imposed on cash out
Any profit exceeding RM1,000.00 which has yet to be cashed out will be burnt so kindly perform your cash out before your profit reaches RM1,000.00
Cash out requests can be made any time but they will be processed on the last day of every month. All payments will be made via online transfer Each article's payable views is capped at 100,000 so anything beyond that will not generate profit
Articles that have copyright infringement issues will be considered as forfeited
All viewership figures are accumulated views within the recent 6 months
Profit is only payable to certified users with verified IC / Passport
CloudHAX Article runs fraud prevention algorithm to prevent invalid views or bot clicks. Your account will be suspended immediately once we detect it
CloudHAX Article reserves the rights to amend or terminate the above terms at any time